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Ceramic Coatings
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Ceramic Auto Coating in Tampa, FL, Protects the Paint

With A+ Prestige Mobile Detailing, you can keep your vehicle looking like it just rolled out of the showroom. We offer ceramic auto coating in Tampa, FL. With our skill and experience, it is easy to maintain the sleek appearance of your automobile. We service cars, trucks, SUVs, and commercial vehicles.

Why Ceramic Coatings?

When looking for a ceramic coating, understand cheap isn’t good and good isn’t cheap.

There are four main benefits of getting your car coated:

  • Incredible protection for your clear coat from the elements
  • Unbeatable levels of gloss and shine
  • Super easy routine washing (elements have a hard time sticking to the paint)
  • Oxidation Prevention
Ceramic Coatings Tampa FL

What is Ceramic Coating?

You know that your vehicle’s paint job defines its look. Moisture, UV radiation from the sun, and chemical stains can ruin your vehicle's visual appeal. Paint damage is costly--and repeated visits to the body shop are simply unfeasible.

A ceramic coating is your first line of defense against paint damage. The coating is a chemical polymer solution that is applied directly to the surface of your vehicle to protect it. Once the coating sets, it bonds with the paint to form an invisible barrier. The result is a layer of protection that guards against water and many common chemicals encountered while driving.

Ceramic car coating is an alternative to car wax and it protects the beauty and life of your paint job. In addition to protection from sun damage and rusting, the coating also makes washing your car easier. You do not have to reapply every couple weeks or months. It’s tough on stains while remaining gentle on maintenance. It provides a glossy, protective finish to your car's exterior, acting as a shield against dirt, scratches, water, oil, and many other damaging environmental contaminants.

Call Us for Detailing Today

Are you ready to protect your vehicle from the elements? Come to us for vehicle paint protection. Our detailing professionals are thoroughly experienced in applying protective coatings.

There’s no need to worry if your schedule doesn’t allow you to visit our shop. Instead, we’ll come directly to you! We offer mobile detailing services, and we can complete most service requests on the same day.

Getting auto paint protection has never been easier.

Contact us and request us for service. We serve motorists throughout Tampa, FL, including Palm Harbor, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Oldsmar, and the surrounding area.